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a dark spot traversing the depths of the human soul. Embark on a journey through your dark, listen to the soothing voice that guides you through your blurry memories.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel through the memories?

Repressed is a puzzle adventure game in which you could do that. Literally. Begin the journey that takes place inside your mind. But don't feel afraid, you will never be alone. There is someone willing to give you a helping hand. Find the answers for the questions bothering you. Navigate the maze you call your memory and ease your mind in the process.

Be careful, though. Not all memories are worth revisiting.

What awaits you in REPRESSED?

A deep story that answers difficult questions.

Are you ready to open up and completely uncover yourself?

Extraordinary and symbolic journey.
The game illustrates in a symbolic way how we fight our inner demons, why we continuously repeat our mistakes and why we keep failing to achieve certain goals in our lives. Stay open-minded and try to get as much as you can out of it.

Unusual mechanic – you are a shadow.
Remember that you are a shadow so to progress in the game you must imagine what’s it like to really be one?

Multiple levels and chapters.
Dealing with a trauma is a process. To reach your goal, you need to take a number of steps, often very small ones, that’s why the game is divided into chapters, which you will be consequently discovering.

Collect objects, encounter situations and characters that will trigger memories.
Recollect memories and carefully listen to the interpretations.

Minimalistic, yet highly aesthetic design.
The colour palette has been reduced to white, black and red which create an amazing atmosphere.

The game idea inspired by an Etruscan sculpture – Ombra Della Sera and such artists like Adolphe Appia, Josef Svoboda, Yannis Kokkos, Frank Miller or James Turrell.

Repressed proves that games are not just an entertainment, but can also be a form of art. Or inspired by it.

One of a kind atmosphere thanks to a soothing voice over and an original soundtrack.
Immerse yourself in the game world listening to excellent voice over and a unique soundtrack composed by Bogdan Mizerski.